It's actually pretty simple. Matcha is the oldest form of Japanese Green Tea Powder that was used centuries ago for its powerful qualities and health benefits that it offered to every person that consumed it. Since then, Matcha Green Tea was mainly used by "tea drinkers" that already loved drinking tea and incorporated it into their daily lives.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD? We wanted to Modernize the way that people drank Matcha and make it easier and more available to everyone around the world! With our Matcha Starter Pack you can literally take your Matcha with you, where ever you go! You do not have to be an expert in the art of tea, or know too much about health or nutrition in order to enjoy this delicious and healthy tea.

We want to be clear: Our Matcha Product Line are for EVERYONE.

Here is what you SHOULD know about our Matcha:

Matcha Green Tea Powder is 100% All-Natural, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Kosher and most importantly - USDA Certified Organic! You can use matcha powder to drink tea, but you can also use it in smoothies, baking, cooking and make lattes with it!

Matcha Green Tea Powder is a superfood that is packed with so many anti-oxidants and nutrients that all you need is 1/4 - 1 teaspoon of it in order to feel the amazing health benefits!


Are you getting all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need in a day? I doubt it.

We live in a fast paced world where work comes first and health comes second.

That is why we made it easy for our customers to drink Matcha on the go (Take a look at our gorgeous Matcha tea set "Starter Pack") and get the nutrients they need, and fast.

WEIGHTLOSS TEA: Matcha Green Tea Powder has been used for years as a natural solution for healthy weight loss. It is a plant-based, natural metabolism booster that allows the body to burn calories at a faster rate. This "best tea for weight loss" is now the best and easiest way to start living a healthy lifestyle!

ENERGY TEA: Another reason why so many people are getting on the Matcha Green Tea Powder trend is because it is a natural energy booster that gives you positive energy with no crash. Forget feeling jittery or the "bouncing off the walls" - our Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is a natural supplement for energy when you are feeling drained in the middle of the day.

NATURAL WAY TO LOWER CHOLESTEROL: Suffer from high cholesterol? Have you tried diets to lower your cholesterol, but didn't get the results you wanted? Drinking our powdered green tea can help lower cholesterol - fast. Green Tea and lowering cholesterol naturally have gone hand in hand for years and we are bringing it back in the 21st Century. It is recommended to drink 1 cup of Matcha Tea daily to lower cholesterol levels in a healthy way.

INCREASE FOCUS: Do you have trouble staying focused in life? Whether you are studying before a test or trying to stay focused at work, our Organic Matcha Green Tea helps naturally improve mental clarity and increase focus. You can either drink 1 cup of Matcha when you know you need the boost - or you can add it to your smoothies / meals so that you have sustained focus throughout the day.


I like to call Matcha, The Chameleon, because it blends perfectly with whatever texture or consistency you put it in. There are a variety of matcha recipes on our website ( that include:

Tea, Matcha Lattes

Desserts - Cakes, Cookies, Pastries

Matcha Green Tea Smoothies

Egg dishes

Grains - Quinoa, Rice, Buckwheat

The bonus is that your recipes will turn a gorgeous green color and then you will know that you used Matcha the right way. ;)


Whether you are a matcha newbie or a matcha pro - we want to make sure you have everything you need when you buy your Organic Matcha from us.

1. Matcha-mi Green Tea Powder (4oz) - this is our USDA Certified Organic grade of Matcha that you will need to have.

2. Matcha Whisk - This is our Organic 80 bristle bamboo whisk that is used to properly mix & blend the matcha powder together with water. This is a great option if you plan on making your matcha tea At Home. (Watch our video on how to use the whisk to make a Matcha Latte

3. Matcha Shaker - This is our Stainless Steel, one of a kind shakers that is used to mix & blend the matcha powder together with water / milk, when you are on the go! This gorgeous shaker makes it convenient to drink matcha tea or matcha lattes when you are at work, running errands and more! (Watch our video on how to use the whisk to make a Matcha Latte

Extra accessories that come in handy:

1. Matcha Bowl: A Matcha Bowl is a traditional Japanese bowl used to whisk your matcha in. You don't need to have these ceremonial bowls, but they are a fun accessory to make you truly feel the japanese culture. You can definitely use your own bowl at home, just make sure it is wide and has low walls in order to easily whisk your matcha tea.

2. Frother: If you love lattes, it might be a good idea to buy a frother for you to have at home. This way you can make your traditional matcha tea and add some frothed milk to the top and enjoy it as a latte!


People, just like you and me, are starting to become more aware of their health and lifestyle - and they want to improve it. And we want to help them! Matcha is an ancient tea that has now been rediscovered by bloggers, foodies and health nuts everywhere! When you buy Matcha Tea Powder you are making a great choice toward feeling better, looking better and living a healthier lifestyle!

Start your journey with us! Buy the best matcha tea powder & accessories from our store!


  • pic_The Matchami
    The Matchami

    Net Weight 4oz (113g)


    Premium Organic Green Tea Powder (USDA ORGANIC)

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  • pic_MatchaMi Whisk
    MatchaMi Whisk

    Organic Bamboo Whisk


    Handmade bamboo whisk (80 bristles) for well-blending your matcha powder

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  • pic_MatchaMi Shaker
    MatchaMi Shaker

    BPA FREE 270ml


    We know you're busy. Now you can drink Matcha on the go!

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  • pic_Matchami Pack
    Matchami Pack

    Matchami Starter Pack


    Matcha Starter Pack

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