Welcome to our Matchami Family! 

We are a bunch of regular people that truly enjoyed the delicious taste of matcha. The more we kept drinking matcha, the more we started to see a change in how we felt and how our bodies looked. We decided to try an experiment - drink 1 cup of matcha every single day for 30 days and cut out all other caffeine! Throughout this experiment we started to see immediate changes. We were not as exhausted throughout the day and our cravings for junk food decreased. Our energy and focus were so much higher than before and we could tell how it positively effected our mood! Our favorite benefit though was experiencing the natural weight loss from just drinking matcha! 

We wanted to share this with all of our friends, family and anyone that wanted to feel better by just drinking a cup of tea! We modernized matcha by adding in our one of a kind matcha shakers so that you can drink it anywhere you go! 

We are here to help, so make sure you ask us any questions you may have by commenting on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or emailing in!

P.S. You might know our sister company, Teami Blends ;) 

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